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Sherlock Holmes Lulz

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sherlocklulz is a community for the lighter side of Sherlock Holmes fandom. It will contain posts with funny artwork, videos, fanfiction, macros, demotivators, gifs, etc. all to make you laugh out loud.

Virtually wank-free and brand spanking new, so soil it with your lulz.

Rules will be established as needed. As is, they are the following:
-Rudeness towards other members will not be tolerated.
-What the mod says, goes. You will not be banned without a reason. If you post a comment containing content that warrants banning, it will be removed and you will be warned. If you post it again, you will be banned.

Mod Statement
The content of the posts within the community may be construed as offensive depending on your views of what is and is not appropriate. I will not lecture others on whether or not their post is in good taste, unless it is personally attacking another member. If it's legal, then it's fair game. However, please post anything rated over PG-13 beneath a cut, so others aren't viewing things that are potentially triggering.

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